Here at NK Builders, we pride ourselves on a job well done. That includes having a clean looking site as much as possible all the way down to the signage.

We also understand that you’d like to advertise on projects you’re working on. However, we need to be able to control what goes up. So we’ve set some guidelines so everyone knows what’s acceptable thus avoiding conflicts.

Signs will not be allowed before we have given official approval. Please fill out the form below and we will email you after we have reviewed your request.


  • One sign per subcontractor.

  • Freeway side of project, longest side max 48”.

  • Street side of project, longest side max 36”.

  • Signs shall be fabric in style and affixed to the site fencing only.

  • We reserve the right to remove a sign at any time.

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Freeway - longest side to be no longer than 48". Street - longest side to be no longer than 36".